Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pneumatic Guitar Hero

You don't need all your friends to come over to play Guitar Hero anymore, just buy yourself one of these setups.

I bet a lot of design and programming hours went into making this thing work.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Product Review - Sanyo Eneloop Pedal Juice

Why didn't I think of this? I was recently sent this device called the "Sanyo Eneloop Pedal Juice" to evaluate. It's a 9V rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can power several effect pedals. It comes encased in a pedalboard friendly enclosure that will fit most setups and it’s water resistant. I'll include some more of my own photos when I have a chance.


The Pedal Juice has a front-lit LED that indicates the power level of the battery. A red light means battery power is less than 30%, an orange light means battery power is between 30% – 60%, and a green light means battery power is above 60%. When I turned it on right out of the box, the battery was below 30%. I plugged it in to charge it and following the instructions left it alone for a few hours.

My first test was with my old Digitech RP200 unit and the plug won't work (I think the pin on the RP unit is larger than what the Sanyo Pedal Juice will accept). I pulled out some other units I don't use much anymore just for testing.

The Pedal Juice has two DC 9V outputs with a maximum output of 2,000mA with negative polarity. To hook up more than 2 pedals you will need to come up with some extra cables that are not included with the unit. The user guide stresses very clearly how important it is to make sure you are not plugging in pedals with positive polarity to the device. It does come with a polarization cable unit to use with any pedals you may have that require it.

I really like the size, convience, and noise reduction capabilities (AC electrical noises or hums) that this unit offers. I didn't test it fully to discharge, but it is supposed to last up to 50 hours with one effect pedal. I'd fully recommend this product to anyone that wants to get a cleaner setup and maybe save on battery cost.

You can find more information and where to buy information on their website.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Product Review - Castiv Guitar Grip for Media Players

I was recently sent this device called the "Sidekick" which is media player holder to evaluate. I tried it out with my Ipod Touch and an old smart phone for my test. Please forgive me for the poor pictures since I had some issues with my normal camera and had to use the camera on my phone to take these. I will try and replace these pictures soon so you can get a better idea how the device works.

I used several different styles of guitars and neck arrangements to see how the device might deal with various string arrangements and angles. It held on tight to all the guitars I tried and the only thing I noticed was with heavier gauge strings it didn't seem to be as tight. With all the guitar related apps available this thing could really come in handy during practice sessions.

Front of package

Back of package

6 on a side hockey stick style neck

6 on a side strat/tele style neck

3x3 style neck

You can find more information and ordering information on their website.
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