Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1960's Harmony Bobkat Bobcat H15

It's a 1966 (from the pickguard date) Harmony Bobkat (Bobcat) electric with two DeArmond goldfoil pickups originally although the bridge pickup has been removed. The neck is straight with low action and a rosewood fretboard. As far as I can tell, this guitar is all original and complete except for the missing pickup and the modified pickguard. I previously owned a H15V model that also had the finish removed but hadn't received a urethane finish.


Harmony BobKat's were produced starting in 1966. There were many versions of the Bobkat including the H14 (single pickup sunburst) , H15 (double pickup sunburst), H15V (double pickup sunburst with vibrato), and H17(double pickup with red sunburst and vibrato) among other models.

Here's a site with a bit more information and pictures.

This guitar will be sold on ebay soon. Check my about me page for the ebay listing.


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