Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1960's Winston Guyatone Goya Silvertone

I acquired this guitar in the fall of 2008 and it has a market value of $51.00. It's a 1960's vintage guitar that I believe is a Winston model made by Teisco although it could be a Guyatone, Goya, or Silvertone guitar. It has one bent tuning key and a missing whammy bar and cover. The frets are good and it has nice action with an adjustable bridge. As far as I can tell, this guitar is all original and complete except for the pickup selector knob which I installed.

The Winston brand appeared on a full range of acoustic guitars, thinline acoustic/electric archtops, and solid body electric guitars and basses. Winston instruments are generally the shorter scale beginner's type guitar. Winston guitars were Japanese guitars imported by Buegeleisen and Jacobson from the early 1960's to the late 1960's although some were made by Guyatone.



Anonymous said...

simpatica guitarra pienso que es solo para recordar viejos tiempos poa ahi ten go una vieja kawai tu guitarra pueder ser una ace tone otra marca de los 70

Anonymous said...

I also have a Winston electric. Same color as the one pictured. I've wondered if there were anymore out there. I've had it since 1968.

Guitar Hunter said...

My spanish is not so good, but I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

Guitar Hunter said...

I bet there are lots of these Winstons out in closets, basements, or attics all over the world.

Tom 'KetchFish' Inglis said...

I just saved one of these, complete, in full working order and in excellent condition, from the back of a pickup truck that was headed to the landfill. Was amazed at how well the little thing sounded and played once I got the majority of the encrusted dirt and gook off of it. Even have the original hard shell case which has slight water damage, some dings on the seams and a broken carry handle. I haven't decided what to do with it yet but I may even bring it to my next gig as a novelty/change up axe.

RH said...

I just got a Winston in that is exactly like this one except mine has the Whammy bar and the Winston Label on the headstock. Mine is missing the on/off knob and the triangular label on the top of the neck.

Yours is definitely the Winston, just missing a couple of things.

winston o' boogie said...

I've got an egg shaped Winston electric my Mom got me on my birthday in 1969.I Don't know much about the brand or that style of Winston.

Anonymous said...

My guitar is Guyatone. is the same color.

ccozic said...

Just got my Winston delivered today from Goodwill online auction, identical to the one above. Mine still has the logo on the headstock, but it is missing the large 3-way switch, the tone knob, and the tremolo arm.

38" long and very lightweight. Chrome pickguard and tailpiece have excellent shine left. Seems like a maple body/maple neck/rosewood fretboard. I plugged her in and she sounded pretty good for what's considered a starter guitar.

Teri Van Noort said...

I also bought one of these for $10 at a rummage sale. It's complete except the pickup selector knob. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks

Teri Van Noort said...

I bought one of these gems at a rummage sale for $10. It's all complete except the pickup selector knob. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks

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