Friday, February 27, 2009

Vintage Estrada Classical Style Acoustic Guitar

I acquired this guitar in the fall of 2008 and it has a market value of $158.50. It's a vintage Mexican (Mexico) Estrada Classical style guitar. Looks to be a spruce or cyprus top with Braziallian Rosewood back and sides. Good frets, nice action, and no major structural damage that I can see. I didn't detect any fret buzz anywhere along the neck.

Dimensions: Lower Bout = 12 3/8 inches, Waist = 8 inches, Upper Bout = 9 inches, Thickness = 3 3/8 inches

Typical for a guitar of this vintage includes some dings in the front, scratches front and back and some minor corrosion on the metal parts.



Davis said...

It looks sooo beautiful and classy.!! I am in love with that vintage estrada classical style acoustic guitar.

Guitar Hunter said...

It sure is beautiful, sounded pretty good as well.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen or owned a estrada CL35 classical guitar i have one it is great... but cant find any thing on it

non_on said...

I have one like this, is a little damaged but his voice is still okay

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