Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1960's Airline Acoustic Model 7078 (Harmony, Kay, Valco)

I acquired this guitar in the fall of 2008 and it has a market value of $36.37. This appears to be the 7078 Model which was based on the Harmony H942 Stella Grand Concert size flat top acoustic from about 1969. Red toned mahogany shadded back with natural finish top. The frets are in good shape and the neck is straight. As far as I can tell, this guitar is all original and complete. This guitar is in very good condition, just a little dirty and only minor corrosion on the metal parts.

Montgomery Wards brand of instruments were made by Kay, Harmony and Valco. Montgomery Wards began to use the Airline brand in about 1958-60. Before that date, Harmony made guitars sold through the Wards catalog had a generic logo without any brand marking. Some "Roy Smeck" signature models were sold as Harmony branded guitars (H58, H73), but most of "Roy Smeck" guitars were sold only through the Montgomery Wards catalog, wearing only the "Roy Smeck" logo. This includes many acoustics and electrics, among them the famous Stratotone Roy Smeck H7208.



Richard said...

I have a 1960's vintage Airline Accoustic guitar for sale. Looking for a buyer. rioneches@aol.com

Guitar Hunter said...

Hope that helps you find a buyer Richard.

Anonymous said...

did you mean current value of 36 bucks for the airline acoustic? I would imagine it is worth more than that now, but am curious as I can get one but for about 4 times that and wouldn't want to buy it if it were not worth more - there must be some Robert Johnson Stella nuts out there that want these things!

pmdogg said...

I am looking for a recently discontinued Eastwood Airline RS-1

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