Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vintage 1970's Sears Harmony Acoustic Guitar Model 1294

I acquired this guitar in the fall of 2008 and it has a market value of $90.00. It's a near Mint 1970-1972 Sears Harmony Acoustic Model 1294. Red toned mahogany shadded top and back with sunburst finish. Frets are in good shape and the neck is straight. As far as I can tell, this guitar is all original and complete. This guitar has almost no scratches and only minor corrosion on the metal parts.


I always wanted to point this out on the later Sears Harmony or Silvertone Guitars. You'll see lots of people refer to these as "spacedot" or "atom" or even "atomic" because of the headstock logo. What I want to show you is it's actually just the letter S for Sears


and the letter R for Roebuck.


So you see, the spacedot or atomic is just a fancy graphic for Sears and Roebuck. This symbol was used on many of the acoustic and electric guitars sold at Sears starting around the early 1970's.


Learn and Master Guitar said...

Nice vintage find, I like vintage guitars but just for display purposes, I like to keep one for my viewing pleasure. I used to play with electric one, but I started with acoustic when I was first learning to play guitar.

Guitar Hunter said...

This one would make a great display, it's very nice and wasn't scratched up like some older models I've found.

Anonymous said...

Hi All , I just picked up a steel string SR Atom 306-1295 Japan. It is in fair condition and a lot of fun to play. Carmine

Guitar Hunter said...

Great Carmine, enjoy your guitar and keep playing.

Anonymous said...

im fixing that exact model of guitar for my friend.
do u know if i can buy a new bridge for it. i want the exact bridge to keep the value up.

Anonymous said...

I have a 1970 Harmony USA no.12940000 if anybody's interested. Jenn

tunes said...

Hi, are you selling that red Sears guitar? carrtunes * gmail * com
I think it's the same kind I learned on.


Robin Jack said...

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