Friday, May 29, 2009

1920's - 1940's Vintage Strad-O-Lin (Stradolin) Mandolin

I acquired this mandolin in the spring of 2009 and even with the water damage it still had a market value of $96. I would expect a similar mandolin in better condition would be 2-3 times more valuable.

This is an original Strad-O-Lin Mandolin from somewhere between 1920 and 1950. It's complete and except for the water damage on the end it's in great shape. Although it has the damage, it's still playable and has a great warm sound.

Strad-O-Lin was a company started in the 1920's that made cheap mandolins and was bought in the late 1950's by Multivox/Premier when they then expanded into guitars and other instruments.



ChicagoMusicExchange said...

Lovely instrument.....

If you have a moment, check out our website! We have a large selection of Vintage Guitars and Amps!

Nice blog BTW....

Guitar Hunter said...

You have a nice site too.

Anonymous said...

I have the same mandolin! There are no numbers or anything on it. Wondering how to date it or price it?

Guitar Hunter said...

I'm not sure about dating these since there are no serial numbers located anywhere. Depending on the condition, you could have something worth much more than the example I have here.

Joe said...

Is the water damage down to the bare wood or is it just finish staining? It may be even better than it looks if the finish managed to protect the wood from the water.

Guitar Hunter said...

The wood on the end was damaged, but I think the wood on the back was fine. I still think it can be restored/repaired and made to look great Joe.

guitarzan said...

I just bought a 1940-50's mandolin UNSEEN for $150 that works and has no nicks ,cracks, like new, BUT with no name found anywhere. The elderly lady got it from her great uncle when she was 10 or so. She is 70 now. She accepted it but never played it. No case comes with it...? I already told her I'd buy it. A 1940-50's, maybe earlier, mandolin in great playing condition MUST be worth $150. I will upload pictures tomorrow and maybe one of ya'll pros can educate me a bit on this. Stay tuned. I am all excited as a little girl here. RELAX.

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