Friday, May 8, 2009

1960's Teisco ET-200 2 Pickup Electric Tulip

It is a Teisco ET-200 model 2 pickup electric guitar from the 1960's with 2 pickups. These guitars are also sometimes called a tulip guitar because fo the body shape. It still has the tremelo arm which seems to be missing on most of these guitars you see up for sale. The biggest negative on this guitar is that the original bridge is missing and someone has made a wooden one to replace the original metal bridge.

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Here's a video of someone playing a rare red ET-200 Teisco.

The Teisco brand name stands for 'Tokyo Electric Instrument and Sound Company'. Teisco was founded in 1946 by renowned Hawaiian and Spanish guitarist Atswo Kaneko, and electrical engineer Doryu Matsuda. Teisco guitars sold in the United States were badged "Teisco Del Rey" beginning in 1964. Teisco guitars were also imported in the U.S. under several brand names including Silvertone, Jedson, Kent, Kingston, Kimberly, Tulio, Heit Deluxe and World Teisco. While guitars manufactured by Teisco were ubiquitous in their day, they are now very collectable.

This guitar will be sold on ebay soon. Check my about me page for the ebay listing.


cloudy said...

I've got this same guitar - mine even has the truss nut at the pickguard as opposed to the headstock. I got a wild hair and stuck some P-90's on it, and man, it's a keeper. Nothing sounds quite like it. I've got several before & after vids at - let me know what you think.

Guitar Hunter said...

You've got a great sounding guitar there Cloudy and I really like your playing style.

Anonymous said...

I got one of these too. My string spacing is all screwed up but once I fix the bridge rollers I'm sure I'm going to be playing it quite a bit. I'm digging the tone. The frets are horrible though. Whoever owned it before me played it ALOT.

Guitar Hunter said...

I wish the ones I had used the roller style bridge. Much better design when used with the tremelo system.

jay said...

I just had a sunbusrt given to me. The stamp in the neck heal says 89-7-4. i'm missing the trem. Any clues where to find one?

Guitar Hunter said...

Keep watching my ebay page since I can sometimes list complete units for sale. Link is on my profile.

Anonymous said...

how many of these things are left ? i have one that still looks almost new...i'll have to order tremolo spring, and it has no i.d. anywhere, but the same color and pickguard as the one pictured above...very nice, still has original bridge, no scratches...from -

Shaylee said...

I got a Teisco Del Rey E-110 N from my Grandad who found it in his basement. He knows it's from the 60's and I've done some research and found that it's from 1969. On the plate at the back of it with the model number and serial number, it says "E-110N". All that I've been able to find are E-110's, and I'm wondering what the N means. I can't find anything about that. Does anybody have any information about this? And also possibly how much it's worth? It's in GREAT condition--no dings or anything, including the fretboard. Thanks!
p.s. This picture isn't of my guitar exact guitar, but this is the same model.

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