Monday, January 26, 2009

1960's Teisco Gold Foil Guitar Pickups

I acquired up these pickups in September of 2008 and they have market value of $100.00. They are 1960's vintage Goldfoil guitar pickups similar to those used by Ry Cooder on his guitar. This was Teisco's version of the famous DeArmond Gold Foil pickups used on many Harmony guitars of the 1960's.

These were pulled as a working matched set from a Melody branded Teisco guitar with other issues. I marked the N and B on the backs to track their original position on the guitar. The neck pickup measured 5.49K ohms and bridge pickup measured 5.43K ohms. The lead wires are over 8 inches long on both of the pickups.

Picture 002-1
Picture 013-1
Picture 012-1
Picture 014-1

The most popular way of using these pickups is the "CooderCaster", a custom guitar originally built for Ry Cooder. A lapsteel bridge pickup and the old Teisco Del Ray neck pickup is mounted to a Fender Stratocaster.

Here are some examples of guitars modified with the addition of a Teisco Goldfoil.


I have about 3 more sets of these pickups so if you're looking for a set, send me an email.


Anonymous said...

I am in the middle of restoring a 1970's hand made guitar. Sadly, the pick guard is a one of a kind, and I cannot seem to find pickups that will fit it. The holes are just slightly too long for standard pickups made today. (By about 1cm). Are these pickups^ any longer, than say a standard fender pickup from today?

Anonymous said...

I have taken apart one of the destroyed pickups that came with my vintage hand made guitar, and is indeed a goldfoil pickup, except with a plastic cover. Where could I find a set of 3 replacement pickups?

Guitar Hunter said...

eBay is your best bet for these pickups although I usually have a few sitting around my collection. You can always email me and see what I have at the time. The ones pictures here are larger than a fender pickup and you can also find them without the "flange" and those are also a bit larger I believe.

Anonymous said...

how was the coodercaster made????

Guitar Hunter said...

I didn't make the one pictured, but I'm sure you can do a search and find detailed instructions somewhere.

Nik Henville said...

Heh heh heh - my old Teisco's got four of those babies, and I love each and every one of them.....

aaronstrumpel said...

hi - i was wondering what pickups you have lying around - the email link didn't work unfortunately - i'm in love w/ some dearmond gold foils in an old bobkat i picked up yesterday...thanks!

Guitar Hunter said...

Hey Nik, those 4 pickup models are great, hand on to that one.

Guitar Hunter said...

aaronstrumpel, you should be able to reach me at and I do have some of these pickups available right now.

Anonymous said...

I am a builder who just landed three of these. Two of them have a black leatherette cloth which will gold leaf nicely, one is already gold - otherwise they are identical to the pickups you show. I have one that reads out 7.96K, much hotter. Plan on putting all three into the same build.

Anonymous said...

Any idea who makes a humbucker pickup with a similar tone? i have a japanese les paul copy and a set of these pick ups and i love'm but not sure if i can make'm fit in a les willing to buy something similar in a humbucker if any one knows who makes'm..other wise i may have to take mine a part and some how fabricate a pick up ring to make these fit.

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