Saturday, January 10, 2009

1960's Norma Hollowbody Gibson ES-330 Copy

This is the guitar that got it all started. I found this guitar back in June 2008 and it has a $183.50 market value. Model: Could be the EG 671-2-HT, the ES-330 style knockoff. There's not a lot of information on Norma guitars that I can find as to the models they made and when each was made. I've seen several models and still own a few of them.

NORMA HISTORY: Normas were built in Japan between 1965 to 1970 by the Tombo Company and distributed in the U.S. by Strum´N Drum, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois. The company specialized in copying Italian guitars like EKO and Goya and sold them in the U.S.A as NORMA's. The most blatant EKO copy is the SDEG 490-4, a guitar that confused the heck out of MANY. The Tombo Company is still in business, but these days they specialize in harmonica production.

Norma 1 small
Norma 2 small
Norma 3 small
Norma 4 small
Norma 5 small
Norma 6 small


Anonymous said...

mY NORMA is an eg 671 - 2 ht
number 005

my wife bought it for me in 1971
mint condition

Guitar Hunter said...

If you still have it I'm jealous. I wish I still had my first guitar. I do have my second and third so that's not all bad.

Jeff said...

So how would you rate this guitar quality-wise... good sound, good electronics - or not.

I am looking at one tomorrow for sale - $130

Guitar Hunter said...

It's a typical Japanese hollowbody, maybe a little better quality than some and $130 isn't a bad price.

Anonymous said...

i have a norma like the one on cept mine has 3 pick-ups and wammy bar.. its the dark colored one

Guitar Hunter said...

Thanks for the link to your guitar, I'm sure others will find it interesting as well.

tim said...

i have a norma thats been in a closet for 25 years or more i got in 77 used from a friend, i dont know anything about them i stumbled across this site,it says EG 665-2HR serial 2437, if you guys knoe anything it would be helpful and interesting thanks

Anonymous said...

The guitar pictured looks exactly like my EG 671-2-HT. The only difference is yours is in much better condition than mine :)

Robb said...

Hi GH,

I have a Riviera that look similar to this Norma can you tell me about it (or just about Riviera guitars)?

Here's a link to my personal collection, I have several Japanese beauties.



Anonymous said...

This was my very first guitar my parents bought me in 1968 from Sears. I cannot remember what happened to it but would love to get my hands on one. Any suggestions as to where to look.

James Fosten said...

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